WIS 2017: The challenge of smart city applications

The smart city revolution is is showing no signs of slowing down. Applications like outdoor wi-fi kioskssmart garbage cans and smart parking are popping up in cities nationwide. The challenge for municipalities is trying to figure out how to balance innovation with cost.

At WIS 2017, the breakout panel on smart cities provided a lens into what the near-future might look like. Daniel Rebeor, vice president at Dais Holdings, discussed his work developing a state-of-the-art smart home system for the Lake Nona community in South Florida. Lake Nona used the Wellness Home built on Innovation and Technology (WHIT) prototype, a one-of-a-kind living lab for the connected home that features an integrated set of health and wellness solutions and technologies (including smart toilets, pill bottles for seniors that lock automatically, and even GPS tracking on small children).

Chris Castro, director of sustainability for the city of Orlando, identified Lake Nona as being ahead of the curve, with its own towers, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and fiber network, and said putting infrastructure in in advance  of the primary challenges for communities that want to get “smart.”

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