Sitetracker’s Record 2022 Fiscal Year Builds Momentum

It’s hard to believe a month has already passed since we closed our 2022 fiscal year at the end of January. As a company in the growth stages of our journey, we are always looking forward to accomplishing our next set of goals. But it’s important to take a quick pause and look at what we’ve accomplished in the past year. Here are some quick highlights among many great achievements:

  • We added more than 50 new customers across the globe.
  • We expanded contracts with more than 85 percent of our existing customers.  
  • We delivered five new product releases that included over 80 major enhancements across all functions in the product suite.  

You can read more of the details in our recent press release found here.

In the middle of last year we closed our Series C round of financing that has allowed us to invest in our business to scale and grow. We hired people across the globe in support of the customer growth we experienced last fiscal year and anticipate this fiscal year. And we are continuing to hire this year. We are proud of the dedicated team members who have joined Sitetracker on our mission to help deploy tomorrow’s infrastructure faster so that people everywhere can experience digital equity and a more sustainable future.  

From an overall market perspective, we continue to see success and growth opportunities in the Telecom market. We are equally encouraged by the growth we are seeing in the Energy market. As the telecom market continues to see the expansion of 5G, Fiber to the Home and Small Cell deployments, the Energy market is taking off with EV charging, Solar and Distributed Energy. Global infrastructure funding is fueling much of this growth and Sitetracker is the perfect solution to help the ecosystem of companies responsible for deploying this technology operating at their full performance potential.

We are all very proud of the progress we’ve made over the past year. We are grateful to the customers who have recently joined the Sitetracker family and those who continue to work with us year after year. We could not have done this without a dedicated team of Sitetracker professionals who are committed to the success of each and every customer we encounter.  

Now let’s get back to work and help our customers deploy what’s next. If you’d like to learn more about Sitetracker, visit us here and follow us on LinkedIn.