Sitetracker invests in the success of people deploying critical infrastructure around the world

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  • Accelerate your career with Sitetracker Certification: deliver high ROI, establish a solid foundation, and learn best practices.
  • Sitetracker Certification is for administrators, power users, and business drivers leveraging Sitetracker. 
  • Course participants will: Master Sitetracker fundamentals; manage and customize Project Templates, Forms, and Trackers; implement data governance for your Sitetracker Organization; and much more.  

Palo Alto, CA, January 29, 2020— Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume telecom projects, announces the launch of Sitetracker Certification. Developed with input from thousands of users over several years, Sitetracker Certification is the best way for Sitetracker admins, power users, and business drivers to deliver high ROI, establish a solid foundation, and learn best practices. 

Sitetracker Certification is a four-day, in-person course culminating in a certification exam. The course is an immersive experience based on real-world business challenges and solved through a series of hands-on exercises and collaborative round table discussions. Course participants gain the advanced skills and experience needed to optimize Sitetracker to fit their business needs and deliver high ROI to their organization. All participants will learn the skills to maintain, update, and customize Sitetracker to meet the needs of their business. This in-person, interactive course is one of the best ways to meet fellow industry experts and establish best practices.

“Sitetracker is committed to providing the best resources to all Sitetracker users and Sitetracker Certification is a big part of that equation,” said Shannon Cunningham, Head of Education and Enablement at Sitetracker. She continued, “Over 100 Sitetracker users are already certified and we are thrilled to offer Sitetracker Certification to the rest of the Sitetracker ecosystem.” 

After becoming certified, Sitetracker users can proudly share their status with colleagues, managers, and their entire network. Getting certified is just the beginning; we will offer more courses in the future. To join the ranks of hundreds of Sitetracker Certified professionals pre-register here