Sitetracker helps BT expand global communications

BT, one of the largest telecommunications services and Fixed Mobile Network Operators in the UK, uses Sitetracker to rapidly scale infrastructure deployments in order to better serve their millions of customers.

BT Group consists of multiple divisions including: EE, and BT Networks offering local and long-distance phone service, as well as internet access. BT Group is also a managed services provider (MSP). Their team quickly realized that their deployment tracking systems within Excel could not keep up with their massive growth. The BT team fully invested in finding a product that would meet their needs and help drive their success. During their search for a better way to manage their projects and assets, BT evaluated Tarantula, Siterra, and Sitetracker.


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After thorough consideration, BT recognized that Sitetracker deployment operations management software is best suited to be their operational system of record. Sitetracker has helped BT solve complex issues within their business structure by helping them create an approval process for drawings and maps. This gives the team accurate reporting on rejections and helps improve their business processes. Sitetracker is also helping the team create integrations between MBNL and Nokia that have saved them hours of work, reduced errors, and lightened the load of manual work.


  • Reports and Dashboards for maintenance
  • Financial Management
  • Trackers and Project Management for Small Cell Tower deployment and maintenance
  • Drawing feature to review site and project drawings


With Sitetracker, BT gained increased visibility into projects in motion, adjusting strategy to assert greater control over processes, workflows, and data, enabling real-time management decisions. BT also better unified their internal systems, integrating with Spectrum (an asset and inventory management system) and with Nokia. BT plans to continue expanding their use of Sitetracker with more integrations, including Ericsson, MBNL, and other internal systems such as SAP (BT’s ERP tool). With Sitetracker, BT now has the ability to increase efficiency in project tracking thanks to accurate analytics and consolidated project information–helping the business easily manage a growing number of projects at scale.


Decreased turnaround time on drawing reviews


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