Sitetracker announces unprecedented AI capabilities to fuel data-driven decision making and revenue growth for its customers.

  • Sitetracker AI delivers actionable insights to drive opportunities for workflow optimization and process improvements.
  • The predictive analytics tool is powered by Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics and fuels data-driven decision making for critical infrastructure providers.
  • Sitetracker is the only true end-to-end platform for managing high-volume projects and assets that enables continuous improvements to business operations.

PALO ALTO, California, September 23th, 2020 – Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume projects for infrastructure owners and operators like Verizon, Vodafone, SAC Wireless, and ChargePoint, is proud to announce that Sitetracker Artificial Intelligence (Sitetracker AI) is now available to all Sitetracker customers.

Sitetracker AI is the only native predictive analytics and advanced data visualization tool available to critical infrastructure providers. Delivering proactive and predictive insights that drive the optimization of workflow efficiency and process improvements, Sitetracker AI helps innovative companies find scalable success in the deployment and maintenance of critical infrastructure. Powered by Salesforce’s artificial intelligence engine, Einstein Analytics, Sitetracker customers now have access to cutting edge technology that Salesforce alone has invested hundreds of thousands of hours of developer time to create.

Specifically tailored to Sitetracker customers’ needs, Sitetracker AI generates actionable insights to help organizations better understand their operations, finances, and utilization of talent and assets. Current customers already using Sitetracker AI are leveraging generated predictions to improve multiple aspects of their business. From turnaround times, financial line item profitability, to staffing capacity for specific project-types – the ways to use Sitetracker AI are virtually limitless.

“Sitetracker AI allows us to use our historical project data to accurately plan for the future,” said Kim Martin, Vice President at Tower Engineering Professionals. “Sitetracker’s ability to innovate and solve problems for our business continues to make them a standout provider of software services in telecom.”

“We are constantly releasing new features to give our customers unfair advantages, Sitetracker AI is that and more,” said Brett Cupta, VP of Product and Co-Founder at Sitetracker. “Sitting at the nexus of our customers’ software systems and business processes, coupled with +90% user adoption, Sitetracker is the only platform that gives companies the opportunity to use their data in ways that they might not have considered. From identifying problems before they appear to ensuring repeatable unparalleled successes, Sitetracker AI is a must-have addition for any company looking to improve their margins.”

Customers that have adopted Sitetracker AI’s predictions and advanced dashboards are already incorporating learnings from the predictive insights delivered by Sitetracker AI into their daily workflows.

“Sitetracker AI empowers us to instantly understand what’s going on, why it’s happening, and what we can do to proactively and continuously improve,” said Rowena Okialda, Director of Development at NextEdge. “Sitetracker worked with us to understand what we specifically wanted to know about our business processes and will help us to prevent bottlenecks or roadblocks.” 

“Sitetracker AI puts our customers in the driver’s seat,” said Giuseppe Incitti, CEO Sitetracker. “Sitetracker customers have always had the ability to glean insights from their deployment and maintenance activities at the most granular level, but now, they can now automatically get recommendations that will help them find their next gear.  I am excited to see what our customers can continue to achieve by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.”