Sitetracker Achieves Record Growth Fueled by Investments in Telecom, Energy Sectors

International growth, product innovation supported by more than $100M in total investments

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations software for critical infrastructure providers, concluded its fiscal year on January 31, 2022 and achieved record growth across every category of the business. The company added more than 50 new customers globally and expanded its contracts with more than 85 percent of existing customers. In addition to revenue and customer growth, Sitetracker deployed five new releases of its software delivering  80 major enhancements across all functions of the product suite.

“2021 was a banner year for Sitetracker in part due to a major Series C round of financing that contributed to our ability to scale, invest in, and grow our business,” said Giuseppe Incitti, CEO of Sitetracker. “With more than $100M in funding, we were able to  recruit top talent in 15 countries, a majority of which are helping us innovate industry leading software and drive increased user adoption. As we look forward, we expect to continue our momentum due to the international and domestic market opportunities for deployment operations software and our leading position in the space. With Sitetracker’s software being deployed in more than 100 countries, we are well-positioned to lead this new deployment operations management  space.”

The new customers Sitetracker gained in 2021 include many in the telecom and energy sectors, both of which require infrastructure deployment software to support major industry priorities such as 5G roll-outs, fiber to the home, and the demand  for EV charging, solar and distributed energy.  New customers in telecom and energy include TowerOne, Arx Wireless, Tangent, Posigen and Evie Networks.

On the product innovation side, Sitetracker delivered new capabilities for Capital Planning, Mobile Time Tracking and Project Timeline (Gantt). Adoption of Sitetracker within customer deployments continues to be 95 percent, more than 1,000 individuals received certification on the software, and the company experienced a 98 percent renewal rate, all of which signal the ease-of-use and value of the software among customers.  

“No technology solution can deliver value if users are not adopting and using it to run their business. Our continued investments in design and user experience are allowing our customers to see Sitetracker as the critical resource for managing the health of their project portfolios,” said Brett Cupta, SVP of Product and Co-Founder of Sitetracker. “In the coming months, we will continue to roll out new capabilities to help our customers collaborate better together and create more opportunities for profitable growth.”

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