Release 48: Expand your Power Over Projects

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Sitetracker’s Release 48 is here to make your enterprise more agile. Expand​ your power over projects to increase speed, productivity, and revenue​.

Project Timeline

Guide Projects with Gantt

  • Sitetracker now offers the project timeline, an additional visualization of project activities which focuses on status, dependencies, durations, ownership, and more, to effectively visualize a project’s progression.
  • Sitetracker now leverages existing forecasting logic to calculate a start date, giving your activities a representative scale. 

Job Planner and TimeTracker

Get Time on Your Side

  • Sitetracker’s job planner now enables you to override working hours when assigning jobs
  • Scheduled start and end times for jobs now are automatically populated based on the initial job assignment time. Scheduled end times are automatically populated based on a combination of the scheduled start time plus the duration of the job.
  • Workers in the field now have the ability to submit timesheets daily through Sitetracker Mobile. This means users no longer are required to submit time for approval or to payroll admins by using a computer.


Gain Flexibility using Forms

  • In-progress forms and forms which have not yet started will now reflect changes whether accessed in the field or in the office.
  • Now, in Sitetracker’s form designer, when an already-saved form item template is chosen, it is also present in existing child forms.
  • Orphaned form items which existed prior to upgrading an org to Release 48 will display the same overlay as before, except it will now appear in the Archived by Administrator form section.

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