The race to 5G just got hotter

Are you small cell ready?

The FCC voted today to streamline the small cell planning process in hopes of accelerating deployment of the next generation of wireless technology. Immediate beneficiaries will be the end-to-end telecom infrastructure supply chain — from carriers to vendors. With the millions of data-hungry customers being the ultimate winners in the race to 5G.

As a result, deploying 5G technology should be faster and cheaper than ever. In fact, every small cell deployment is estimated to be ~30% cheaper. Based on projections that suggest that over 800,000 small cells will be deployed over the next eight years, current estimates indicate that overall savings to the industry could exceed $1.56 billion.

“Now the real work begins,” remarked Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker CEO. “This shift is something we have prepared for. With intelligent project templates and powerful reporting, our platform uniquely enables our customers to thrive in the high-volume project management environment that we are entering.”

With innovative customers that include Verizon, SACWireless, Tilson Technologies, and Wilcon (just acquired by Crown Castle), Sitetracker has an unparalleled pedigree of success in streamlining the full lifecycle of telecom projects for its customers. “We have seen some of our customers improve their speed from planning to closeout by over 176%. Coupled with the predicted savings expected from this vote, our customers should be delivering some big wins to their shareholders and customers this year”, said Incitti.

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