Our biggest release of the year: R45 brings capital planning, program management, and more.

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Release 45 brings in two major components of managing high-volume projects and assets to the Sitetracker Platform: Enhanced control of your project groupings through Programs and strategic deployment of capital for projects. We’re also introducing a massive upgrade to how documents and files are stored, accessed, and found, with automated tagging and custom sharing rules. In this post, we’ll provide a quick overview of the new and exciting additions that will further enable users to achieve optimal efficiency and operational excellence. For the full release notes, please visit the Sitetracker Community.

Program Management

Gain control and master your high-volume projects in Programs while driving them towards a strategic goal.

  • Easily tie large groups of projects together and organize them under a Program.
  • Improve visibility and control around inter-project dependencies when grouping projects into Programs.
  • Enhance the holistic visibility of your programs with standard reports and dashboards, both scheduled and ad hoc.
  • Users can leverage Programs to plan the execution of high-volume projects by establishing a program, linking it to specific company goals and drivers, and creating projects under the program to achieve those goals.

  • The goal object allows for a target value to be set and measured against specific objects.

Capital Planning

Gain holistic and granular visibility into available capital, current allocations, and set financial strategy for deployment of infrastructure assets.

  • Sitetracker’s Capital Planning functionality enables customers to establish funding sources for your programs within Sitetracker. 
  • Users can leverage funding sources to create capital requests which will allocate capital to specified programs.


  • Bring your capital funding and allocation into Sitetracker to reduce the need for pulling information from multiple sources to create a cohesive and comprehensive view.
  • Create reports and dashboards using the data from these objects to inform capital planning strategies.

Documents and Files

Boost control and utilization of your docs and files, efficiently organizing them with the new Tags functionality.

  • Tags are meta-data associated with a specific doc or file to improve organization of document archives and file libraries
  • Tagging is automatic in most situations, which removes the learning curve around organization structures. Users only need to mark the meta-data.
  • Users can more efficiently find the specific document or file they need by searching with tags.
  • Users can also apply custom tags to further improve search capabilities.

Maintain focus and security with customizable sharing rules

  • Owners of documents and files can set sharing and viewing permissions on an as-needed basis to maintain control of sensitive information.

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