Pushing Forward: How US Charge Point Operators can leverage NEVI Funding

National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program funds are now being dispersed in a multi-billion dollar effort to support the American transition to electrified transportation with a reliable, quality network of fast chargers along highway corridors. As states work to send funds to charge point operators (CPOs), pressure is mounting to properly manage funding and ensure deployments move quickly to meet aggressive local, state, and national goals. To better navigate funding and the competitive EV charging landscape, CPOs are embracing deployment operations management solutions that give their businesses a single source of truth for all of their site, project, and asset data.

On November 15th, 2021, the NEVI formula program was established as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Establishing a reliable charge point network of fast chargers along highway corridors is a key facet of the plan as America works to modernize infrastructure and move to more sustainable transportation for its citizens. Since then, states have submitted EV charging deployment plans to the federal government. As of September 2022, funds have begun to be awarded state by state to get deployments moving and those states are now dispersing funds to individual businesses to get the job done. 

Despite the excitement of this massive investment in electric transportation, state-by-state grant award processes, complex reporting requirements, and increased scrutiny are creating challenges for charge point operators and demanding higher transparency and accuracy across deployments. Conversely, many CPOs have historically relied on manual or disjointed project management approaches, with disparate sources of data that often lead to errors, delays, and compliance issues. Hence the need for a comprehensive, single source of truth for deployments.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Sitetracker, the leader in deployment operations management for EV charging, is ready to support your NEVI Formula Program funding tracking and compliance. Check out our infographic below to learn more:

Sitetracker NEVI formula program funding guide

From overseeing budgets and permits to coordinating site acquisition and design to managing installations and ongoing maintenance, Sitetracker provides a single source of truth for every aspect of your EV charging projects. Manage your deployment lifecycle from start to finish and move faster through every stage of your charging projects with our deployment operations cloud software. Get a live demo today.