Mobility is an essential component of project management

Although consumers can stream movies, play games, and pay their bills on their smartphones, project managers and field technicians still spend time printing forms, affixing them to clipboards, and manually entering data at the end of long days. Operating like that creates a lot of extra work and untrustworthy data, reduces productivity, and hurts collaboration.

Sitetracker is investing in the success of project management in the field. At Sitetracker we are constantly updating and improving our platform, which includes Sitetracker Mobile, based on industry needs. The Sitetracker Mobile app is essential in achieving a single source of truth for project analysis and reporting. Our goal is to provide greater flexibility in finding relevant information when you need it so you can get the job done faster.

Here are a few examples of how Sitetracker empowers mobile teams:

Streamline Workflows

  • Guide mobile teams with checklists. Get everyone on the same page with what tasks need to get done on each project. Inspections, upgrades, and more can be completed quickly, easily, and thoroughly.
  • Easily upload records with photos and comments. The easiest way to communicate the status of an asset is with a picture. When taking a photo with Sitetracker Mobile, latitude and longitude values are automatically captured. This provides a precise location history, so project managers know exactly where an image was taken.
  • Eliminate manual double entry. Directly submit information through the app, instead of manually copying clipboard checklists into desktop apps or paper processes back at the office.

Enhance Productivity

  • Easily access site and project data when and where it is needed. For example, finding a site or project on the mobile app is now easier than ever. Maps displayed in Sitetracker Mobile show pins that indicate sites and other objects configured in Sitetracker. Even when you don’t have a signal you can continue, with offline edits, on the mobile app, and, whenever your device reconnects, your updates will be synchronized with your Sitetracker account.
  • View recent records and favorite important projects. Identify and quickly access important relevant records through favorites.
  • Automatic refreshes help accelerate time to task closeout. The app is designed for user efficiency and our automation ensures that you get your work done faster.

Strengthen Collaboration

  • Connect mobile workers with project managers by giving everyone access to a single source of truth for sites and projects.
  • Decrease turnaround times. Identify issues and clarify action in real time instead of waiting until the end of the day or week. Share updates and photos in real-time.

Sitetracker is a partner in your team’s success, from the field to the C-suite. Enhance your team’s productivity and collaborate better to achieve operational excellence.