Manage thousands of projects, enhance collaboration, and mitigate risk with Sitetracker’s latest release

In a recent poll, 63% percent of respondents found unrealistic expectations as the greatest challenge to getting projects done on time and on budget. This means project managers have to be more efficient. Sitetracker is the industry-leading project and asset management platform empowering teams to do more with less.

Our latest Sitetracker release delivers numerous enhancements and an even better user experience in key parts of the platform. As a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Sitetracker delivers improvements in enterprise functionality and security automatically about every six weeks, without the need for any manual updates. That means that you always and automatically have the latest, best version of Sitetracker. 

Manage thousands of projects with Trackers

Trackers help organizations oversee thousands of projects at a time. The interface is very familiar to anyone who has used spreadsheets in the past. With this release project managers can easily upload photos from the tracker page without having to navigate into that specific project’s page. The newest release increases user efficiency in a Tracker: you can bulk update tasks on hundreds of projects.

Enhance collaboration with Sitetracker Mobile

Technician climbing on top of telecom tower for maintenance in the field.

Sitetracker Mobile is how teams in the field connect with office users, and this release further strengthens communication between geographically dispersed teams. Field workers can collaborate even more effectively with their colleagues with new features in this latest release, specifically:

  • Annotate photos taken of an asset on site.
  • Add a comment or photo to any checklist item.

For example, imagine a field team tasked with inspecting a cell tower for routine maintenance. Upon arrival, the team discovers some damage to the fence surrounding the tower. With Sitetracker Mobile, the team can easily take a photo, circle the damage on the image, add text, and add the photo directly to their checklist task. Their colleagues back in the office will see this update in real time and coordination on repairs can begin immediately.

Sitetracker Mobile is an essential component to keeping your team members connected and working from a single source of truth.  

Mitigate risk with Timetracker

Timetracker enables project managers to not only manage multiple projects effectively but also the people and time involved in those projects.  Enhancements to Timetracker in this latest release include configurable logic for overtime rules on a per person basis and apply the correct rule to hours entered into the timesheet. This mitigates the risk associated with violating overtime laws and ensures proper cost controls at the project level. New Timetracker functionality ensures that managers can easily keep track of working hours for teams large and small as employees deserve to be accurately compensated for their time and organizations need to properly track costs.

Learn more about the latest release

This release includes numerous enhancements to the platform to ensure that we continue to deliver a fast, powerful, and user-friendly experience for executives, project managers, and field technicians alike.

Sitetracker users have access to more information and training on each of these powerful features via Sitetracker EDU. For those who are not yet Sitetracker users, learn more about Sitetracker and see the platform in action with a personalized demo.