Latest release from Sitetracker launches new features and enhancements to efficiency

Sitetracker is proud to announce Release 38, delivering on further enhancements to efficiency and ease of use while also launching new features. In this post, we will go through the highlights of this release. 

Sitetracker Files Component (Lightning Only)

  • Multi-select files for download or delete to more efficiently bulk-handle documents.
  • Permissioning to enable multi-select is configurable through your Sitetracker Admin.
  • A beta version of the Siteracker Files Custom Lightning Component is also available. When implemented, it replaces the Sitetracker File Folder Browser for greater workflow efficiency:
    • Enables multiple file attachments
    • Search, filter, and sort files
    • Multi-select for download or deletion
    • File ordering

Form Item Templates/Form Designer

  • Form Item Template now includes options for Types Photo/File and Scan to better capture necessary information for each form.
  • The list of Form Templates is now searchable! No more scrolling through the entire list to find the one you need.


  • Clicking links in Trackers will now open the URL in a new browser tab, because tab management is an essential part of everyday workflows.
    • Here’s another quick tip: if you don’t want your browser to automatically switch to the new tab, hold CMD (on a Mac) or CTRL (on a PC) when clicking the link to open the link in a new tab but remain on the same page.
  • A grouped set of records on a tracker will now read “Records” rather than “Objects” to more accurately reflect what the number represents.


  • Preview multiple files on Sitetracker Mobile with a swipe for faster and more intuitive document viewing!
  • Non-image files are also now available in preview mode, but will show up as an icon. Go to the “View details” option to display all fields.
  • The top of the file list now displays a count of all files with that record.

Mobile Forms

  • You can now track the location of Sitetracker Mobile users whenever they update a Form Item. This should help promote accountability and to improve data accuracy.


  • Maps now indicate if no records are visible within the filter and search parameters, so you can readjust and get the information you need faster.
  • Maps will also default to consolidating all map markers within the same geolocation to one marker, reducing clutter and noise. To see all associated markers in that geolocation,  simply click it to expand and display!

Document Generation

  • You can now embed photos that are stored on Google Drive, increasing the automation of your document generation workflow.
    • Document Generation templates will continue to upload as Salesforce Files, but will fetch photos that are stored in GDrive.
    • Storage provider setting must be set to Google Drive or Google Drive with Shared Drives

Language Support

  • Sitetracker now supports German! | Sitetracker ist jetzt auch in deutscher Sprache erhältlich!

Work Management

The Sitetracker team has been hard at work to deliver a major product to help field crews doing high volume, distributed work. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement!

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