ISCO International adopts Sitetracker to manage workflows as business grows

Sitetracker is excited to announce that they are partnering with ISCO International to help ISCO manage their integrations of C-RAN, macro and DAS project deployments for major wireless carriers. Sitetracker will enable ISCO to scale project delivery through a software platform built specifically to handle repeatable, site-based projects.

ISCO maximizes spectral efficiency for its Tier 1 wireless carrier customers by optimizing mobile operators’ networks so they can carry more traffic over their valuable RF spectrum. With mobile traffic continuing to skyrocket and the number of cell sites at an all-time high, the challenge of handling more traffic in a fixed amount of spectrum has driven ISCO’s growth as carriers look for new ways to handle spectral impairments that zap capacity.  The company’s PIM cancellation, SINR optimization, and interference mitigation solutions enable wireless carriers to get the most out of their existing network and spectrum by reducing operating expenses and improving performance to deliver a consistently high quality of service to wireless subscribers.

ISCO International understands that spreadsheets and disparate IT systems are not going to be enough to manage their increasing volume of spectral efficiency projects. They recognized the need to standardize their project processes and workflows and manage them in a single location from project conception to close-out.

Joe Finn, Vice President of Field Operations at ISCO International, said, “We were looking for a platform that could provide a single source that could scale —  and found that in Sitetracker. Not only does it meet our minimum requirements, but, with Sitetracker, we are able to do complex reporting without heavy lifting. We are now also able to work seamlessly and in real time with our vendors in the field via Sitetracker mobile.”

Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker CEO, predicts continued success for ISCO International: “ISCO is already a successful company, but looking to grow and scale their business. They see what other companies are only starting to explore: in order to expand their success, they need a platform that consistently continually adapts as their requirements grow and change. The ability to easily and repeatedly complete projects is a big part of this. From the minute new business is won, project managers are set up for success and projects are on track to come in on time and on budget.”

ISCO International continues to expand their business to help wireless carriers find the capacity needed to meet the exploding demand on today’s wireless networks. The Sitetracker team is excited to facilitate the operational efficiency that will get them there.