Iberdrola Renews and Expands Sitetracker Use to Help Manage Massive EV Charging Station Deployment Goals

MONTCLAIR, N.J., Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, has announced that Iberdrola, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world, has renewed its Sitetracker contract. Under the renewed agreement, Iberdrola will more than double its use of Sitetracker to rapidly accelerate deployment of EV charging stations to meet significant customer demand.

“Iberdrola has ambitious targets to develop Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Charging Points in the coming years. Sitetracker is helping us to achieve this by standardising our processes, which we can easily localise when necessary thanks to Intelligent Project Templates,” said Carmen Burgos, head of global Smart Solutions Execution for Iberdrola. “Additionally, we can coordinate all the work being done by outsourced contractors and vendors. Sitetracker’s ability to track, manage, and collaborate on projects in bulk – and always instill confidence in the data – significantly exceeded our expectations.”

Iberdrola is leading a transition to a renewable and green future that’s both resilient and equitable across Spain and all countries Iberdrola serves. Smart mobility is a major commitment for the company, which is planning to support the utility needs of thousands of EV charging stations. When it first selected Sitetracker to help with deployment operations, the company had no single source of truth or collaborative technology for this purpose. After testing and proving the value of Sitetracker, Iberdrola decided to use it more widely across its EV business.

Built on Salesforce, the Sitetracker platform provides smart technologies such as AI and analytics to improve outcomes. It helps bring products and people together to easily manage sites, projects, permitting, vendors, and ongoing maintenance, all in a single platform. The ability to track high-volume work in real-time also helps companies like Iberdrola solve all maintenance issues, both predictive and corrective. Additionally, customers gain the ability to:

  • Collaborate in real-time with a single source of truth on numerous projects, sites, and more
  • Identify trends and business insights for effective decision-making
  • Create personalized views to see the more relevant data

Iberdrola’s commitment to green energy is unsurpassed, and as it further expands operations into renewable energies, electricity networks and energy storage, Sitetracker is poised to continue to support its needs.

About Sitetracker

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