How Mobile Field Service Apps Increase Efficiencies for Telcos

The digital revolution has arrived, and with it came the luxury of working and managing tasks while on the go. If you’re in an industry whose success relies on overseeing large teams of technicians, equipment, and internal personnel, utilizing intuitive technology to support the human side of your enterprise has become a necessity. 

One way that industries like telcos, engineering firms, utility companies, and land acquisition firms have managed to stay ahead of their competitors is by incorporating mobile-friendly field service management (FSM) software into their overall business strategy. 

Field service management has evolved over the years and is no longer as time-consuming. Toss informational inconsistencies and inefficiencies aside with a fully integrated mobile solution for FSM. Mobile field service apps are becoming increasingly popular as part of a complete project and asset management solution and make otherwise labor-intensive tasks simple, cohesive, and streamlined. 

Especially in the telecommunications industry, where scaling your business is the central goal, it can prove difficult to successfully keep tabs on projects, field technicians, service vehicles, assets, and every piece of equipment. These costly obstacles are now simplified with the implementation of a cloud-based mobile FSM app. 

Now crews can communicate more fluidly and work smarter, not harder. 

Benefits of Utilizing an FSM App for Telecom Projects

Mobile apps for field technicians fully automate things like work orders, dispatching, preventative asset maintenance, and time tracking. They also help internal teams gain a comprehensive overview of where each technician is and the condition of equipment and assets throughout their life cycles, right in the palm of their hand. 

The systems you choose to implement within your telecom enterprise can greatly affect profits. Cross-platform FSM mobile applications are designed with the field technician in mind but stand to benefit telcos who are managing a high volume of projects by allowing them to meet and scale the needs of vendors, ultimately increasing profitability. 

With a tap of the screen, field service workers and front-of-office staff can stay in constant communication to synchronize tasks and access the same data. This results in easily manageable initiatives and promptly resolves issues when they arise. Having the ability to provide quality service and rapid response times to contractors anywhere in the field can prove invaluable to telecom enterprises.  

Key Features of Mobile Field Service Apps

Dispatch the right crews – FSM apps allow you to dispatch the right job to the right crews that are located closest to the asset or job site.

NotificationsPush notifications are a key feature of any effective field service app. They help keep your entire workforce up to date on critical alerts and any time-sensitive repairs. 

Geo-fencingGeolocation tracking is an essential element of any field service application. It allows you to make sure work and forms are completed on-site and keeps track of every active technician out in the field. 

Scan QR and barcodesFSM apps equipped with the ability to scan QR and barcodes make it faster and easier for field techs to install, uninstall, and swap assets. 

Dynamic forms and document generation – Improve crew efficiency with all critical information in the palm of your hand. Your field service team can mark up photos in the field and collaborate with the back office on drawings, as well as provide technicians with supporting documentation in real-time. 

Offline Capability It isn’t unheard of for technicians to go offline when in remote locations. This is not a problem when you have the help of a comprehensive mobile FSM app. Even with limited to no connectivity, field service workers are able to access high-priority data without access to the internet. 

The Sitetracker Mobile FSM App Is Your Solution

Selecting a cloud-based platform like Sitetracker’s mobile field service app lets your field and project teams focus on strategic action items instead of managing manual photos and paper, struggling to report on project statuses, and taking a long time to close out and get paid. The Sitetracker FSM Platform is built on Salesforce, providing smarter technology like dynamic forms and analytics to improve your telecom business throughout.

Enterprise Project Management – Sitetracker’s FSM app helps you easily forecast and schedule a high volume of repeatable projects—from optimizing project capacity to expediting closeout packages.

Project Budget Management – Increase profitability and shorten time to revenue with financial management tools purpose-built for telecom, energy, and high-volume deployments.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) – Track, manage, and centralize all your sites and assets with a single, easy-to-use tool. Sitetracker’s site and asset management tools are part of our FSM app experience. This powerful tool significantly improves daily productivity and the employee experience.