Germany-based 450connect Selects Sitetracker to Enable its Radio-based Communications Solution for Operators of Critical Infrastructures

Montclair, N.J., March 29, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, announced today that 450connect, a Germany-based 450 MHz wireless network operator, has selected Sitetracker’s software to help it manage and operate its essential equipment. 450connect leverages 450 MHz radio frequencies to give operators of critical infrastructures, especially utility providers, fail-safe communications even in the event of a power outage, natural disaster, or other interruption, helping ensure continuity of services, ongoing metering, and remote management.

450connect is actively deploying 1,600 radio-based towers to essential critical infrastructure providers like the water and energy industries. These will help provide secure voice communications and mobile-to-mobile data services, all backed by 450connect’s industry-leading self-service portal. While this is a major deployment, 450connect has grown significantly by the allocation of the nationwide 450-MHz-frequencies in July through 2040, driving a need for better deployment operations management across all its projects. By implementing Sitetracker, 450connect can gain a tailored SaaS-based solution that provides insights into the entire lifecycle of all its customer deployments.

Using its industry-leading dashboards, Sitetracker will give 450connect transparency at the individual site level, so it has full documentation and detail on each site including project milestones and site documentations. With that Sitetracker will help 450connect to monitor contractors and partners for efficiency of the network build and operations. Sitetracker will provide a centralized tool for 450connect staff and third parties to use as a master source of site information.

“450connect’s mission is to enable critical infrastructure providers with fail-safe communications so they are reliable in any circumstance,” said Henrik Desfontaines, CFO of 450connect. “With Sitetracker, we are more nimble, informed, and effective. And most importantly, we can now scale our business to meet the growing demand and upcoming challenges. We were happy to find a solution tailored for 450connect’s needs, a green field telecom operator who serves the critical infrastructure market.” 

Sitetracker’s success in telecommunications and energy sectors make it a natural fit for 450connect. Sitetracker can deliver a tool for 450connect’s site implementation process including use of its existing systems and required high security level. Additionally, Sitetracker’s ability to grow with 450connect by easily adding new users and new capabilities was another key driver of their decision to choose Sitetracker.

About Sitetracker
Sitetracker powers the rapid deployment of tomorrow’s infrastructure. The global leader in deployment operations management software, Sitetracker helps innovative companies like British Telecom, Zayo, Vantage Towers, Nextera, Dominion Energy, ChargePoint, Honeywell, and Southern Company plan, deploy and manage millions of sites and assets representing over $150 billion in portfolio holdings. By giving telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and energy teams a cloud-based solution that works easily and effectively, Sitetracker is accelerating the path to digital equity and a more sustainable future. Deploy what’s next.

About 450connect

450connect GmbH builds and operates the fail-safe, nationwide platform for digitizing critical infrastructure in Germany. The Cologne-based company is thus creating a crucial prerequisite for the decarbonization and resilience of our economy. The basis is the 450 MHz radio frequencies allocated to 450connect by the end of 2040. 450connect is backed by more than 70 energy supply companies, including Alliander, E.ON, a consortium of regional energy suppliers and the Verlieferer-Allianz 450, which includes numerous municipal utilities, energy, and water suppliers with the participation of the EnBW subsidiary Netze BW.