Trackers: a better way to gain visibility.

Trackers present a high-level view of multiple projects at once, providing a single source of truth and helping identify trends that help grow future business.

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Sitetracker powers critical infrastructure

Gain both strategic and granular visibility across your entire project portfolio with Trackers
Scattered spreadsheets. Hundreds of rogue clipboards. Multiple tools for tracking a project. Critical information lost in translation. Keeping track of all the information for high-volume projects is difficult. Trackers make it simple. Trackers help you manage large amounts of data with ease, are customizable, and provide a single source of truth for every project.
Trackers give a high level view of every project and with customizable views. Give your organization total visibility on project status – complete, in progress, or not started – for any and all segmentation of project types.
Tracker are easy to use and have a high user adoption. They make it easy to make mass updates and gain a holistic view of projects. Users determine which information is displayed in a Tracker, so you see the metrics that matter to you.

Benefits of Trackers

Collaborative and secure
Real-time updates in Trackers empower users to easily manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects and keep everyone on the same page in a secure environment.

High-level view of all projects
Trackers have a spreadsheet-like interface designed for updating a large number of projects in real-time, saving you from manually updating hundreds of spreadsheets individually.

Manage projects in bulk
Say farewell to the days of one person updating a spreadsheet and no one else having access to updated information. Trackers sync with the database in real time, providing everyone with a single source of truth.

How Sitetracker accelerates speed to revenue and provides project visibility

How Sitetracker accelerates speed to revenue and provides project visibility

Gain high-level and granular visibility across the entire project portfolio
Filter and layer information sets for a clear and easy view of your work area.
Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase accountability
Report on projects in real-time and automatically forecast project timelines.
Manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates.
Have employees submit timesheets tied to specific projects in one place.

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