Template Designer: a better way to achieve standardization with localization.

Sitetracker Project Template Designer enables standard milestones for easy reporting and customization for local nuances.

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Industry leaders trust Sitetracker

“SAC isn’t afraid to take chances on innovation. Investing in Sitetracker has yielded some of the most game-changing breakthroughs in our business, including a 20% faster speed-to-revenue.”
, SAC Wireless
“Not only have we seen faster times to project completion, we’ve also reduced our back-office clerical work by 80% while taking on more contracts than ever.”
, Tower Engineering Professionals
“We save 300 hours a month just by having our Sitetracker integrated with our customers’ Sitetracker. Communication with our customers has never been more seamless.”
, Advantage Engineers
“Cash flow is king, and Sitetracker’s document generation automation for closeout packages dramatically shortens our time-to-revenue.”
, NB+C
“From a Total Cost of Ownership perspective, Sitetracker is the least expensive tool we could buy. It enables us to take on more projects while spending less time getting to completion. But above all, the customer service we receive is truly world class.”
Tilson CIO, Tilson

Benefits of the Sitetracker Template Designer

Standardization with Localization
Project schedules are the same everywhere, yet also differ from location to location. Design your templates to match your organization’s standard while also capturing the nuances of each jurisdiction and project type.

Automation and Accountability
Reduce manual workflows by automating milestones actualization, and maintain accountability by assigning each step to an owner.

Single Source of Truth
All information in Sitetracker flows seamlessly and in real-time, making reporting on high-volume project portfolios maximally efficient and accurate. Create trackers and reports based on your map information and vice versa.

Strict where necessary, flexible where necessary

Set your team up for successful project deployments with Intelligent Project Templates that allow for both standardization and localization
With Sitetracker, information for each site is stored in one place – all the documents, permits, pictures, and steps of the project that have been completed – giving all stakeholders a single source of truth. Custom streamlined workflows, automated reports for forecasting, and the ability to view site/project information updates in real time keep everyone in the loop, and help standardize business practices.
At the heart of each Sitetracker org are the project templates that empower teams with clear milestones that track project progress. While most milestones for each project type remain the same, teams must retain flexibility in their project templates for local market conditions.
Use the template designer to create intelligent project templates that auto-populate forecast dates based on pre-determined or calculated values, enabling your organization to accurately predict project success timelines.

How Sitetracker accelerates speed to revenue and provides project visibility

How Sitetracker accelerates speed to revenue and provides project visibility

Gain high-level and granular visibility across the entire project portfolio
Filter and layer information sets for a clear and easy view of your work area.
Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase accountability
Report on projects in real-time and automatically forecast project timelines.
Manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates.
Have employees submit timesheets tied to specific projects in one place.

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