EV Charging Pioneer SWTCH Energy Selects Sitetracker for Deployment Across North America

Montclair, N.J., Feb. 10, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, has been selected by SWTCH Energy, specializing in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for multi-tenant properties. The software will help enable SWTCH to scale and optimize thousands of EV charging station deployments in offices, multifamily buildings, and retail spaces across the U.S. and Canada.

One of the fastest growing companies in its sector, SWTCH offers multi-tenant property owners a tailored solution that allows them to optimize energy usage, while still providing the convenient access to EV charging many tenants now require. SWTCH’s smart EV charging platform streamlines the charging experience for drivers while maximizing efficiency in electricity use and revenue for building owners. Because of Sitetracker’s expertise in enabling some of the world’s most successful EV charging companies, including Volta, ChargePoint, and EVGo, SWTCH determined it was the best platform to help manage the complex rollout of its solution across North America. 

“As we continue to scale our EV charging solution, Sitetracker’s intelligent software is a key piece to ensuring our growth is managed effectively,” said Carter Li, CEO of SWTCH Energy. “In addition to giving us the tools to properly deploy EV charging systems, Sitetracker is providing best practices based on its deep experience in the industry.”

With Sitetracker, SWTCH can anticipate new efficiencies in EV charging station deployments, operations and maintenance while the company scales its customer base. Sitetracker will give managers total control and visibility over each individual station as well as the company’s thousands of North American deployments, allowing for deeper and more meaningful reporting and analysis capabilities. 

Electric vehicles sales increased by 67% from 2021 to 2022, and will account for almost 30% of all auto sales by 2030, according to Kelley Blue Book. The U.S. Department of Energy has started requiring apartment communities to provide EV charging infrastructure, in certain circumstances up to 20% of the parking lot. Demand for EV chargers is surging among multi-family dwellers, so companies like SWTCH are critical to builder owners. Sitetracker’s cloud-based software enables the rapid, efficient, and cost-effective buildout of the charging infrastructure that the EV revolution depends upon.

About Sitetracker

Sitetracker powers the rapid deployment of tomorrow’s infrastructure. The global leader in deployment operations management software, Sitetracker helps innovative companies like British Telecom, Zayo, Vantage Towers, Nextera, Dominion Energy, ChargePoint, Honeywell, and Southern Company plan, deploy and manage millions of sites and assets representing over $150 billion in portfolio holdings. By giving telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and energy teams a cloud-based solution that works easily and effectively, Sitetracker accelerates the transition to a fully connected and sustainable future. Deploy what’s next.


Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with offices in Brooklyn and Boston, SWTCH is pioneering EV charging solutions for multifamily and commercial properties across North America. SWTCH leverages the latest technology available to help building owners and operators deploy EV charging by tapping into their existing grid infrastructure. Through constant innovation and an extensive partnership network, SWTCH provides the most profitable and unique business model for multi-tenant buildings to stay competitive. For more information, visit www.swtchenergy.com.