Enhance visibility and control with Sitetracker Release 43

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Sitetracker’s Product and Engineering teams maniacally focus on enhancements to our platform that deliver value to our customers, broadly categorized (but not siloed) into four pillars:

  1. Faster time to project completion/revenue
  2. Greater utilization of staff and resources
  3. Broader visibility – both holistic and granular
  4. Enhanced control – also both holistic and granular

Release 43 focuses on the latter two, addressing the needs of businesses to maintain visibility in order to inform strategy; and to gain enhanced control over their solutions and processes in order to execute upon the decisions made.

With major improvements to Sitetracker’s Job Planner, Forms, and Maps functionality, we are excited to announce the following enhancements that unlock the end-to-end potential of Sitetracker for our customers.

Note: for the full Release 43 notes, please visit the Sitetracker Community.

Job Planner

Quickly visualize Event-related information, e.g. event status, on the Job Planner with customizable colors and icons

  • Administrators can now use custom workflows to populate this field with an icon-based on select criteria – eg. event status

Take control of the Job Planner UI with the ability to configure and tailor what default job and resource-related fields you want to be displayed in the Job Planner.

  • The field set that has been renamed to ‘Job Planner Job Grid Field Set’ contains the fields that are displayed in the Job Planner job grid by default.

Gain immediate insight into crew membership and roles from within the job planner.

  • When using the new Job Planner and Crews functionality, users now have the ability to hover over the crew icon on the resource list and identify crew members and their roles within the crew

Reports & Dashboards

Instantly jump into your field data with out-of-the-box reports for jobs, resources, and inventory. Empower data-driven decision-making on which jobs, resources, and inventory to prioritize.


Gain enhanced navigation and visual understanding of what needs to be done with the ability to create and organize Forms by section and subsection

  • Administrators now have the ability in Form Designer to create and organize Forms by section and subsection. The Edit sections modal in the sidebar displays the sections and nested subsections that are assigned to at least one Form Item Template, else it guides a user to configure a Form Item Template.

Bring Forms online faster with the enhanced Form Designer preview, where admins can more easily verify how data table columns and rows will be displayed while configuring a form.


Enhance your holistic view of nodes and segments with new mapping tools that enable nodes to be created, connected through drawn segments, and re-routed to snap to the map’s street lines.

Internal and Public Maps can now be configured to initially load using the default map center.

Internal and Public Maps can now be configured to initially load using the default map center.

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