Empower field teams, streamline site visits, and increase accountability with our latest release

Our latest release delivers numerous enhancements and an even better user experience in key parts of the Sitetracker platform. As a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Sitetracker delivers improvements in enterprise functionality and security automatically about every six weeks, without the need for any manual updates. That means that you always and automatically have the latest, best version of Sitetracker.

Empower field teams with Sitetracker Mobile

Get the job done quickly and confidently with all necessary documents in the palm of your hand. With Sitetracker Mobile, users can now record and upload videos, as well as snap and save photos. Additionally, you can now view and upload documents directly on your mobile device. With each release, our mobile app is growing more robust to increase the capabilities of field teams.

Streamline site visits with mobile maps

Increase productivity and plan future site visits with a holistic view of sites and support for different map types, all within Sitetracker Mobile. Users now have more options to customize the appearance of the Sitetracker Mobile map. With increased detail and the ability to easily switch between roadmap, satellite, and terrain views, users can more efficiently plan future site visits.

Increase accountability with Baselines

Keep all stakeholders on track and help finish projects on time by keeping initial goals in mind. You can now create and save multiple snapshots of a Project Schedule by creating a Baseline that captures the forecast date and actual date of each Activity at a specific time. Baselines hold teams accountable and keep your projects on pace with initial expectations.

Get all the benefits of the latest release

This release includes numerous enhancements to the platform to ensure that we continue to deliver a fast, powerful, and user-friendly experience for executives, project managers, and field technicians alike. Go to the Sitetracker Community to learn more about this release.

Sitetracker users have access to more information and training on each of these powerful features via Sitetracker EDU. For those who are not yet Sitetracker users, learn more about Sitetracker and see the platform in action with a personalized demo.