Decrease turnaround times and drive alignment with collaborative document management

Without a collaborative document management system accompanying your project management platform your organization experiences pain that negatively affects your bottom line and overall efficiency. Friction builds between teams and among team members, as they wait on the progress of document markup and review without alerts upon completion in real time. Workflows are interrupted and project timelines slip.

Without a single source of truth, conflicting versions of documents emerge and can wreak havoc. Precious time is spent tracking down the most up-to-date version. Teams get tied up in email chains and dispersed teams are in a constant state of miscommunication. Unnecessary meetings are scheduled to sort out the confusion. Your organization is trapped in disparate markup systems and multiple file repositories. There is a more efficient way.

What is collaborative document management?

Collaborative Document Management, is the most efficient way for your organization to drive alignment and decrease turnaround times. It enables your team to view and edit the same document while keeping track of versions and changes along the way.

Access document audit history

You have access to every version of a document, giving you the ability to know which version is up to date. There is a system of accountability. You will know who made changes, what changes they made and when they made such changes.  

Markup any PDF

You can collaboratively mark up any PDF document with dozens of different ways to add annotations, text, highlights, and comments. Communicate changes and feedback to documents visually with intuitive drawing and shape tools.

Comment directly on the document

Create conversations directly in the document by commenting on the file. Build threads of discussion to keep the conversations thorough, ongoing, and on topic.

Make document collaboration easier with a project management mobile app

A project management mobile app is the easiest way to enable collaboration between the office and field teams. Sometimes showing is easier than telling. Field teams can upload photos and videos right on their mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, so printouts and clipboards are no longer necessary. You can interact and share information in real time. Streamline critical infrastructure management processes with a project management mobile app.

Fewer meetings, more collaboration: that is the Sitetracker vision for project management. Sitetracker is the leading project and asset management platform that empowers your dispersed teams to collaborate and drive organizational alignment. Sign up for a live demo of Sitetracker’s collaborative document management and mobile app today.