Sustainability at Sitetracker

Sitetracker’s greatest environmental impact is through our customers.

We help global leaders in the race toward a carbon-free future accelerate the deployment of assets like solar PV and EV charging stations. Building clean energy infrastructure today can take more than a decade, but through our software solutions, our customers report completing projects 31% faster. Together, we’re making the zero carbon future a reality.

  Related to sustainability, Sitetracker is working toward two objectives:

Accelerate Clean Energy Infrastructure Deployments

EV Charging

Support the global deployment of charging stations required to support the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Across the globe today, the transportation sector as a whole is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. In the United States alone, it accounts for 29% of all GHG emissions, making it the single largest contributor.

But the EV revolution is happening. As the mass adoption of electric vehicles continues to see aggressive global growth, nations are setting ambitious targets and working rapidly to develop charging networks to make the vision of an electrified future a reality.

25% of Sitetracker’s customer base focuses entirely on Energy Sustainability

2030 Global Targets



Public charging stations

About 10 times the number of public stations as of 2022



Charging stations in Singapore

Compared to just 1,900 as of early 2022



Public charging stations

600% increase of the 2021 weekly installation rate


Electric Miles Delivered


Electric Charges Delivered


metric ton reduction in the U.S. carbon footprint. The equivalent to planting ~3 million trees.


Electric Miles Delivered


Electric Charges Delivered


pounds of CO2 offset


gallons of gas saved

Sitetracker customers are committed to supporting the achievement of these targets.


Of US charging ports are owned and operated by Sitetracker customers


Charging sites managed in Sitetracker


Support the deployment of solar at the speed and scale necessary to achieve net-zero ambitions.

To achieve the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 in line with the UN Paris Agreement on climate change, solar PV is a primary lever to pull. In fact, industry experts estimate that we must install 455 gigawatts (GW) of new solar PV capacity via residential, commercial and utility programs globally each year through 2030.

2030 Global Targets

268 GW

of new solar capacity installed in 2022

315 GW

of new solar capacity expected to be installed in 2023

455 GW

of new solar capacity needed annually to support 2050 goals

With such an aggressive task ahead, the challenge for solar is clear: deploy with significantly greater speed and scale, and at a sustained rate for the next several decades, than has ever been done before.

Sitetracker customers are committed to making this target a reality.


Managed within Sitetracker


Active solar projects

Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Office Buildings

Sitetracker is a remote-friendly company with the majority of our workforce working remotely.  Despite almost all pandemic related restrictions being lifted, employees are taking advantage of flexible working arrangements with 89% of employees currently working fully remote. This has greatly reduced the energy consumption at our offices and those building-related emissions.

Daily Commuting

Adopting a remote-friendly working culture has drastically reduced daily commuting to Sitetracker offices globally. However, for those employees that do commute to work, Sitetracker has taken efforts to minimize the Carbon Footprint of our employees. Here are a few examples: 

  • We provided an electric vehicle car purchase scheme to employees in the United Kingdom through Octopus EV. So far, Sitetracker UK employees have purchased five vehicles and have so far saved 1.12 tonnes of CO2 emissions.  That’s the equivalent of what 559 trees can absorb!
  • We are implementing a Cycle Scheme benefit for employees in the UK to incentivize those employees to commute to the office to bike to the office.