Arcadia Towers partners with Sitetracker to bolster rapid growth strategy

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PALO ALTO, Calif., August 25th, 2021 — Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume projects for critical infrastructure owners and is proud to announce its partnership with Arcadia Towers. The new collaboration is built on Arcadia Towers’ mission to become a top-tier, middle-market owner of telecom asset sites in the United States and the company’s adoption of the Sitetracker platform to serve as Arcadia Tower’s software backbone, unifying inter-department systems into a “single source of truth”.

Arcadia Towers is founded by Sam Johnston, an industry veteran and serial telecom entrepreneur, along with John Rolander and Scott Billups. The company’s go-to-market strategy centers around four main business variants: tower development partnering with schools, rooftop real estate with commercial property owners, built-to-suit new site development for carrier clients, and acquisition of existing tower assets. To achieve standardization in data governance, process setting, and workflow adherence, Arcadia Towers will leverage Sitetracker across all project types, boosting their project turnaround performance and ability to execute on their rapid-scaling plan.

Scott Billups, the company’s CFO, comments, “financial data is vital obviously, but what is even more imperative is the ability to seamlessly link finances and projects so that we always maintain visibility over project, asset, and site profitability.” He continues, “The ability to link our ERP and finance software with Sitetracker empowers us to make decisions with data, and that’s the key to our growth.”

John Rolander, Arcadia Towers’ Chief Development Officer, adds that, “Sitetracker’s real-time data tools enable Arcadia to find synergies in serving our clients, especially schools and municipalities. It’s imperative we complete projects on time when public interest is a primary concern”.

In addition to Sitetracker, Arcadia Towers has also selected an all-star list of resource planning and finance and accounting tools, which will integrate with Sitetracker. By integrating related business processes into Sitetracker, the company will achieve a single source of truth that encompasses all aspects of its operations.

Sitetracker’s VP of Customer Success John Leigh remarks, “We are incredibly excited to partner with Arcadia Towers. We can relate to the challenges of getting internal systems right early in the company’s growth cycle so that the main focus can stay on execution. We are proud that Arcadia Towers has chosen us as their partner in growth and in business.”

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About Arcadia Towers

Since our founding, Arcadia has worked with our wireless service customers to get on air.  Whether it is build-to-suit towers, collocation on towers and rooftops, or partnering with rooftop owners and landlords, Arcadia completes projects efficiently and on schedule.

The Arcadia team has collectively developed, owned, managed, and acquired hundreds of wireless towers, ground leases, rooftops, and other wireless infrastructure.  We have worked and partnered with commercial wireless carriers, public safety entities, utilities, WISP’s, government entities, local telcos, fiber service providers, and data centers.   

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