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With $13.2 Trillion in economic value created by 5G alone, tremendous opportunities and expectations now dominate the telecom industry.

March 10, 2022

With $13.2 Trillion in economic value created by 5G alone, tremendous opportunities and expectations now dominate the telecom industry. Accelerated deployments, increased costs, and shrinking margins are a constant challenge. To succeed, the telecom ecosystem requires a better way to oversee high volumes of projects, sites, segments, assets, and partners, while also driving efficiency and agile processes into operations.

Sitetracker Telecom combines all of our learnings from industry experts and our customers to provide Telecom with a complete solution to digitize their business processes using intelligence and automation to drive efficiency and quality. We are so excited to share these enhanced innovations with you to help deploy what’s next.


According to Deloitte, “In 2022, connected construction will likely be a catch-all for major digital investments to… better control costs, schedule variances, and ensure timely project delivery across multiple sites.”¹ To meet the demand of 5G and future telecom advances, telcos must be able to effectively work with their contractors and scale. Sitetracker Connect brings your contractors and customers together into one platform to connect, collaborate, and provide visibility into your deployment operations. Leverage collaborative portals, integrations, and proven partner management tools to improve communication and workflows across your operations and successfully meet demand.


Simply meeting demand is never enough. For businesses to be successful, they must grow profitably across their portfolios. With Sitetracker Telecom, welcome increased demand with the best tower application for acquiring sites and efficiently managing projects, collocation, leases, and tenant relationships. Unlike other systems, Sitetracker Telecom can connect our best-in-class tower solution to your existing ERP for a broad and deep set of capabilities that help you profitably meet 5G demand. New enhancements include out-of-the-box Workflow+ processes, reports, and templates to help towercos monetize and control their portfolios.


5g is worlds different from previous network advancements. PwC states, “Building a 5g network is different from 4G because of the inherent specifications of the technology. It requires a higher density network that has regulatory, cost, and operational challenges….”² Nevertheless, demand for greater network builds isn’t slowing down. Sitetracker Telecom enables your team to rollout faster and seize new opportunities with an intuitive user experience to ensure widespread adoption and utilization across your organization. Easily map fiber segments, handle permitting, manage documents, oversee numerous projects and expedite payment to accelerate your deployments and protect margins.

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