Achieve operational excellence with Sitetracker’s latest release

Sitetracker’s latest release, Release 35, delivers numerous enhancements, a few bug fixes, and overall improved user experience in key parts of the platform. As a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Sitetracker delivers monthly improvements and ensures enterprise functionality and security. Our most recent release of 2019 ensures that we continue to deliver a fast, powerful, user-friendly experience for your whole organization— whether you’re an executive, project manager, or field technician.

Save time with automatically generated configurable documents from information in Sitetracker 

Do you have to create closeout documents for clients regularly? Or Notice to Proceed documents, leasing abstracts or Site Candidate Information Packages (SCIP)? Avoid the double entry, save time, and take advantage of Sitetracker’s new Document Generation feature. Document Generation provides a convenient way to compile a selected set of information from a Sitetracker record into an editable document. You begin by uploading templates, in either .docx or .xlsx format, that you have configured to pull the values from fields on Sitetracker objects. You then place the StDocumentGeneration component, which contains these templates, on a Lightning page layout. This component lets users select a template, and then with a single click, generate a document that merges the values from the displayed record into the selected template. These compiled values are downloaded as either a Word or Excel document to your computer for further modifications if needed.

More about our latest release

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