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data-driven decision making

Sitetracker AI delivers the power of data science, enabling you to discover new insights in your data, make data-driven decisions, and gain maximum visibility across your entire business.

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Sitetracker AI:
a winning combination of AI, ML, and data integrity.

Advanced reporting and dashboards
Transform and combine data for advanced data visualization across multiple systems – all on one screen.

Maximum forecast accuracy
Leverage machine learning to determine the most probable and accurate forecast dates for milestones, and overall completion times based on project managers, vendors, jurisdictions, and market conditions.

Continuous, compounding improvement
Use AI to automatically generate insights on how to improve project cycle times, and spread those best practices throughout your organization.

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Discover new insights and set the right strategy every time.
Sitetracker AI’s predictive analytics automatically finds simple answers to complex business questions in your data. By analyzing all available historical information and conducting cross referential analyses, Sitetracker AI can instantly tell you the “what” and the “why,” and even provide insights on what future actions you can take to improve your project, finance, or utilization efficiency.

Virtually limitless prediction scenarios.
Every data set has a story to tell, and Sitetracker AI is here to uncover it. Bound only by what you feed into its engine, Sitetracker AI can generate predictions for project and field performance, company financials, and even the utilization of people and assets. Users can create predictions based on data sets as general as the entire company’s performance or as granular as a single milestone for a specific project type.

Gain full visibility over your entire business – all on one screen.
Gone are the days of logging into multiple systems and stitching together data to gain a holistic picture. Sitetracker AI’s advanced data visualization enables you to pull in, transform, and combine project data on one dashboard, so that your team can spot opportunities, prevent bottlenecks, and forecast accurately.

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