Brandon Terry joins Sitetracker as Senior Vice President of Product Management after a 9-year tenure at Procore Technologies:

  • Sitetracker hires Brandon Terry to new role of Senior Vice President of Product Management
  • Terry brings unique insights and experiences across critical infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Terry grew product management from a team of one to 75 people pre-IPO

Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume projects for critical infrastructure owners and operators such as Verizon, Invenergy, and ChargePoint, is proud to announce that Brandon Terry joined Sitetracker today as Senior Vice President of Product Management. 

Terry joins Sitetracker from Procore Technologies, where he led product management while the company scaled from being an early-stage startup with a single product manager delivering a single product to a high-performing, pre-IPO product management organization of over 75. During his tenure the product team delivered multiple market-defining products grossing over $280M in annual revenue. 

“Before I met the team at Sitetracker, I wasn’t sure I would find another company that has such amazing product-market fit,” said Brandon Terry, SVP of Product Management at Sitetracker. “Revolutionizing construction management was an incredible journey. I’m excited to now be focused on a different and incredibly important mission: helping critical infrastructure providers find operational excellence and deliver on the promise of a more connected future.”

At Sitetracker, Terry is leading a team of dedicated product managers and product designers to accelerate the creation and delivery of innovative solutions to critical infrastructure providers’ most difficult challenges. They will build on Sitetracker’s industry-leading solutions for infrastructure deployment and maintenance and leverage the latest technologies – from automation to artificial intelligence – to solve for the unique needs of these essential service providers.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Brandon to the team,” said Tim May, CTO & Co-Founder of Sitetracker. “He brings unique insights that will take our amazing product team to the next level. Under his leadership, Sitetracker will further accelerate our pace of innovation, extend our lead in the market, and empower our growing customer base of innovators to build the future faster, better, and smarter.”

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