An exponential increase in DERs means exponentially more work.

Sitetracker has the answer.

HBR Report: Using Software and Technologies to Make Renewable Energy a Cost-Effective Reality


Sitetracker enables faster and more reliable DER deployment
Distributed energy resources like customer-sited solar, storage, and EV charging are now a crucial part of the grid. The work to install, connect, and maintain these assets presents different challenges than traditional utility infrastructure.
With Sitetracker
Reduction in interconnection times
With Sitetracker
Faster project completion
Minimize DER project risk
With Sitetracker, information for each site is stored in one place – all the project progress, permits, documents, and, photos – giving all stakeholders a single source of truth. Custom streamlined workflows, automated forecasting, and real-time project updates speed up turnaround times for DER owners, utilities, and contractors.

What our customers are saying

“Vendor Management is really important. You want to be able to take a look and see how the vendors are doing and with Sitetracker, we can.”
Rich Coyle, CEO, Extenet Systems
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Complete projects faster

The world’s most innovative companies use Sitetracker.

Reduction in interconnection times


Sites managed across the globe


Reduction in time spent reporting

Mitigate risk to project delivery with Sitetracker

Mitigate risk to project delivery with Sitetracker

Gain high-level and granular visibility across the entire project portfolio.
Filter and layer information sets for a clear and easy view of your work area.
Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase accountability.
Report on projects in real-time and automatically forecast project timelines.
Manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates.
Have employees submit timesheets tied to specific projects in one place.

Benefits of using Sitetracker

Easy to use
Sitetracker has a 93% user adoption thanks to it being intuitive and easy to use.
Improve time to on-air
Keep all projects in one place with a real-time, single source of truth.
Complete projects faster
Sitetracker customers experience 3x faster project completion.
Reduce cycle times
Efficient hand-offs, high quality accurate data, improved process around permitting results reduced cycle times.
Increase PM Productivity
On average, Sitetracker PMs can manage 25% more projects by using Sitetracker.
Industry standard
Over 1,000 companies use Sitetracker.

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