After DistribuTECH 2018 — the largest and most well-respected utility-focused event in the United States — the CIO Review embarked on a mission to identify the most innovative technology platforms for the utility industry.

Following months of research and analysis, Sitetracker has been named the Best Utility Project & Asset Management Platform. The full-lifecycle platform, with functionality designed to support asset and project managers along with field technicians and remote workers alike, is poised to deliver on its mission to help their customers build the future faster.  



“When you couple tech challenges, such as distributed energy resources (DER) and AMI’s (advanced metering infrastructure), with flat or decreasing load growth, CIOs are quickly recognizing that old processes and practices are falling short,” said Giuseppe Incitti, Sitetracker CEO. Incitti continued, “and that is why we are having so many exciting conversations with utilities across the country who don’t want to miss out on the upside we have seen in the telecommunications industry for so long.”

From new smart meter installs to LED light replacements or pole maintenance, Sitetracker’s Intelligent Project Templates are specifically geared to ensure the timely and profitable management of high-volume multi-touch projects.


Check out the full analysis from the editorial board at the CIO Review here >

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