3 steps to improve operational efficiency for 5G project management

There’s a better way to do 5G project management. By the end of this post, you will have three more tools you can use to improve operational efficiency when managing 5G projects. 5G is coming and you’re the ones building it. 5G will be comprised of many, many infrastructure components, including fronthaul fiber, small cells, and towers. Due to the high-volume nature of these elements, 5G project management is and will be a different kind of challenge than the telecommunications industry has faced before. If you’re a 5G program manager …


Project managers, here’s what your managers want to know that you’re not telling them.

If you’re a project manager in a critical infrastructure industry like telecommunications or utilities you know firsthand that you could be managing hundreds of complex projects at once and your boss wants to know about all of them, right now. Don’t you wish you could just click a button and have all the reports ready immediately? Good news! You can. Sitetracker enables project managers to report on all of your projects with easy-to-use reporting and dashboards. This means that when your boss asks about the status of a project, you …


Becoming agile with Sitetracker

Industries such as telecommunications and utilities are just beginning to see the value of becoming more agile. Get ahead of the curve by learning how your organization can become more agile by using Sitetracker. Contact a Sitetracker project management expert now.

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Vendor Management for telecom project managers

The difference between a good and a bad vendor can significantly increase the time it takes to complete a project. Managing third-party vendors is a big part of what keeps the telecommunications industry moving forward. Whether you work for a carrier or service provider, you’re most likely working with external vendors. Managing these vendors can seem like a job in itself with many aspects to consider. Some businesses approach vendor management as simply finding the external team or contractor with the cheapest price for a product or service, but it …


Increase market share and gain new business by embracing change in the era of network densification

There has been a shift in the telecom industry. Everyone is talking about the race to 5G, but are we taking it’s effect seriously? Billions of dollars are being invested in mobile network infrastructure to keep up with capacity and speed demands. These investments include fiber installation, traditional tower builds, and small cell deployment. Network densification is creating an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Now more than ever, delivering infrastructure projects requires a more modern and efficient approach. Are you adequately prepared for the new competition coming to the market? …


Challenges of verifying fiber nodes in the field

In order to be successful, a worker would need to verify a high volume of nodes and maintain accuracy when doing so. Any misstep could decrease or eliminate profit for the service provider. Sitetracker customers have solved this problem, saving upwards of 6 hours per project manager per week, by simply embracing new technology that aligns with their goals.

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