Challenges of verifying fiber nodes in the field

In order to be successful, a worker would need to verify a high volume of nodes and maintain accuracy when doing so. Any misstep could decrease or eliminate profit for the service provider. Sitetracker customers have solved this problem, saving upwards of 6 hours per project manager per week, by simply embracing new technology that aligns with their goals.

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Reaching ROI: speed to revenue

This is part three of a series about calculating ROI for investing in innovative software For firms performing contract work, staying on top of billable milestones is critical to keeping operating costs low and ensuring the business is healthy. Any delay between completing a billable milestone and invoicing is effectively an extension to the company’s accounts receivable aging. Reducing delays and increasing speed to revenue can have a significant effect on cash flows, particularly as you take on new business with new clients. Although the time between job completion and …


Goodbye spreadsheets, hello operational excellence

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. You deserve better. Being dependent on spreadsheets for project management is leading to avoidable inefficiencies. You can only track so much in spreadsheets, so if you want a clear view of project progress, you need more than a static spreadsheet. Why you can’t manage fiber projects in spreadsheets Consumers on their smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices want high speeds and low latency from their wireless network. The world is seeing a greater demand for throughput and connectivity. To meet this demand, carriers and service providers …


AGL Summit Top Takeaway: Overcome the challenges of tower colocation in the race to 5G

Brett Cupta, Vice President of Customer Success at Sitetracker, participated on a panel on the technical challenges of tower colocation last week at the SoCal AGL Local Summit. It’s a topic of great importance as the telecom industry races to 5G in this era of network densification. The demand for greater coverage and throughput is aided by advances in wireless technology. As technology progresses, the processes of operating cell towers change. Whether amending a current tenant’s rental status or adding a new carrier, tower service providers have to accommodate and …


Project management is at the core of maintaining safety standards in telecom

Work accidents and customer safety are a major issue in the telecom industry. Employees of companies that offer telecommunications services are exposed to work accidents, especially during installation and operation of radio networks, operations that involve, in most cases, working at height. The telecom industry has a 3.87% Annual Injury Rate, which is quite high compared to other industries. So, how do you navigate and uphold industry safety standards to ensure that you minimize harm? The answer may surprise you: proper project and asset management can save lives. Telecom field …


5 tips telecom industry leader Victoria Lamberth, CRO and Co-Founder of ZenFi Networks wants you to know

This week the Women@Sitetracker group had the opportunity to sit down with Victoria Lamberth, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ZenFi Networks, for a discussion about leadership in the telecom industry. ZenFi Networks is an innovative, locally-owned and operated communications infrastructure company focused on enabling fiber optic network, distributed colocation and wireless siting solutions in the New York and New Jersey metro region. As the area’s most experienced communications infrastructure builders, ZenFi Networks has an unparalleled reputation for efficiently architecting, delivering, and expanding fiber optic networks, distributed colocation, and wireless …