Mobility is an essential component of project management

Although consumers can stream movies, play games, and pay their bills on their smartphones, project managers and field technicians still spend time printing forms, affixing them to clipboards, and manually entering data at the end of long days. Operating like that creates a lot of extra work and untrustworthy data, reduces productivity, and hurts collaboration. Sitetracker is investing in the success of project management in the field. At Sitetracker we are constantly updating and improving our platform, which includes Sitetracker Mobile, based on industry needs. The Sitetracker Mobile app is …


Customer success:
our best investment

Connect X is always a whirlwind and 2019 was no exception. With our booths packed and our schedules full, there was a lot to be excited about. But in all the buzz of the conference, a more intimate moment stands out. I found myself in a discussion with a pair of old friends who I had just met. One of the two was a Sitetracker user and one, though she didn’t know it yet, would be. Our customer spoke so positively about his experience with the platform and customer success …