Project managers, here’s what your managers want to know that you’re not telling them.

If you’re a project manager in a critical infrastructure industry like telecommunications or utilities you know firsthand that you could be managing hundreds of complex projects at once and your boss wants to know about all of them, right now. Don’t you wish you could just click a button and have all the reports ready immediately? Good news! You can. Sitetracker enables project managers to report on all of your projects with easy-to-use reporting and dashboards. This means that when your boss asks about the status of a project, you …


Challenges of verifying fiber nodes in the field

In order to be successful, a worker would need to verify a high volume of nodes and maintain accuracy when doing so. Any misstep could decrease or eliminate profit for the service provider. Sitetracker customers have solved this problem, saving upwards of 6 hours per project manager per week, by simply embracing new technology that aligns with their goals.

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Utility leaders improve reliability metrics with Sitetracker performance management, powerful dashboards, and reporting

Originally posted via PRNewswire. Today at the DistribuTECH conference in New Orleans, Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume critical infrastructure projects, shared powerful performance management capabilities that transform how utility companies of all sizes can increase reliability and safety performance. Leaders in the utility industry recognize the benefits of performance management — a systematic approach to identifying strategic goals, aligning resources, measuring outcomes, and optimizing processes — however, until now, existing technology made it difficult for even the largest, most sophisticated organizations to successfully measure performance. With the introduction …


Project management is at the core of maintaining safety standards in telecom

Work accidents and customer safety are a major issue in the telecom industry. Employees of companies that offer telecommunications services are exposed to work accidents, especially during installation and operation of radio networks, operations that involve, in most cases, working at height. The telecom industry has a 3.87% Annual Injury Rate, which is quite high compared to other industries. So, how do you navigate and uphold industry safety standards to ensure that you minimize harm? The answer may surprise you: proper project and asset management can save lives. Telecom field …


t3 Broadband and Sitetracker partner to grow business through increased ability to collaborate

Originally posted via PR Newswire. Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for innovative infrastructure operators and vendors such as Verizon and Nokia, is proud to announce their partnership with telecommunications solutions integrator, t3 Broadband, to help grow their business through increased collaboration as project volume accelerates. With the growing demand for higher connectivity and the race to 5G, antiquated tools such as spreadsheets are causing even more pain. t3 decided to be proactive and look for a better solution. They evaluated many options to meet the challenges of this …


Pinnacle Consulting and Sitetracker partner to make data-driven decisions and increase project tracking efficiency

Originally published via PR Newswire. Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for innovative infrastructure owners and operators like Verizon, SAC Wireless, and Tilson Technology, is proud to announce their partnership with telecom service provider Pinnacle Consulting to accelerate business growth and increase project tracking efficiency. Pinnacle Consulting experts have a long track record of helping their customers achieve the greatest possible return on investment (ROI) and the most efficient path to network deployment and tower construction project completion in the industry. Many service providers find it difficult to manage …