Brett Cupta, Vice President of Customer Success at Sitetracker, participated on a panel on the technical challenges of tower colocation last week at the SoCal AGL Local Summit. It’s a topic of great importance as the telecom industry races to 5G in this era of network densification.

The demand for greater coverage and throughput is aided by advances in wireless technology. As technology progresses, the processes of operating cell towers change. Whether amending a current tenant’s rental status or adding a new carrier, tower service providers have to accommodate and apply the latest generation of wireless technology.

“Don’t consider what you have done to be sufficient. If you try to maintain the status quo for 2019 and 2020, you will not be successful. Get the right tools and invest in the process.” — Brett Cupta, Vice President of Customer Success at Sitetracker

Many companies are going to have to find a way to do more work with the same resources, or less in some cases. To overcome this challenge, service providers must be as efficient as possible. A wireless infrastructure company must have the right people with the right equipment at the right place at the right time.

To survive and thrive in this era of network densification, you need to have the right solutions and processes in place

The answer to this increase in project volume with stagnant resources is to align your technology stack with business goals. The proper project management software will ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.

“Speed and consistency will help companies stand out and win more work.” – Brett Cupta, Vice President of Customer Success at Sitetracker

The data and insight gleaned from a software solution that serves as your single source of truth is a game changer.  You need insight into your assets and sites to understand your workforce. With the right technology solution, you’ll have the data you need to analyze and understand the best route to operational improvement. Service providers need to utilize the right tools and processes to pull ahead in the race to 5G and technology alignment is a big step on the right track.

How to optimize site visits with a project management solution

Site visits are a great example of an area where there’s room for operational improvement. Service providers can avoid going back to a site three or four times unnecessarily  By eliminating the need to check asset or project status — that information can be found within a project management solution. A project management mobile app that has the ability to capture photos and videos to eliminate unnecessary site visits can save time and capital.

Align technology and business goals with Sitetracker

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